images It was a very tough weekend for both Boys and Girls teams. Both teams lost both matches on Saturday against St Charles and Hemlock.

The boys started out great against St Charles by beating them in both baker games 227-213 and 204-182 to take a 10-0 lead into the Peterson games. Swan Valley ended up on the short end of both Peterson games by a score of 981-802 and 988-928. Swan Valley ended up losing the match 18-12. In the first Peterson Randy Jacob (12) had a high game of 207 Logan Lemmer (9) 170 Mike Wagner (12) 151. In the second Peterson game Randy Jacob (12) had a high game of 215 Chase Slasinski (11) 211 Kasey Clark (12) 175 Noah Conley (9) 171 and Logan Lemmer (9) 156.

As tough of a lose the St Charles match was the Hemlock match was a heartbreaker losing the match 15 ½ – 14 ½ . We split the baker games and the Peterson games. Swan Valley won the first baker game 181-150 with Hemlock winning the second one 179-156. In the first Peterson game Hemlock won 857-794 with Josh Goushaw (11) having a team high game of 192 Brett Fallis (10) 158 Randy Jacob (12) 157 and Mike Wagner (12) 156. In the second Peterson game Swan Valley won 883-839 with Randy Jacob(12) having a team high game of 201 Josh Goushaw (11) 194 Chase Slasinski (11) 187 and Mike Wagner (12) 143.

In any sport great teams struggle out of the gate and work harder to get better. This year New England Patriots started the season 2-2 and everyone had them written off and they ended up 12-4 and winning the Super Bowl. I believe the Swan Valley boys will have the same turnaround after a couple of tough losses this past weekend. Our ultimate goal at the beginning of the year was to make the State Finals as a team and that goal is still within reach and one that will be fulfilled with hard work and dedication to getting better each week.

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