Bowling Results February 12

6151d7a125b83e0b-Bowling-300x225 Bowling Results February 12

The final week of the regular season is in the books and the Boys and Girls finished off their undefeated seasons with a Tri Valley Central Division Championship. The Boys had their first ever undefeated season in school history and for the first time in school history both teams were undefeated in the same season. Congratulations to both teams for a great season! Now we start working on our next goal of winning a couple of regional titles!


The boys had one match on Saturday and they had no problems finishing off their undefeated season by beating Chesaning 25 ½ to 4 ½. The teams split the baker games with Chesaning winning the first one 126-98 and the Vikings bounced back to win the second one 200-116. The Vikings won both Petersons taking the first one 869-560 led by Mason Eddy (10) 200, Logan Lemmer (11) 193, Noah Conley (11) 170, Zach Crawford (10) 167 and Kasey Kretz (11) 139. The Vikings won the second Peterson 866-592 led by Mason Eddy (10) 223, Noah Conley (11) 194, Zach Crawford (10) 183, Logan Lemmer (11) 151 and Kasey Kretz (11) 115.


The Lady Vikings won their first match 25-5 against Standish to clinch their 5th Division title in 7 years. The Lady Vikings won both baker games by a score 139-82 and 117-95. The first Peterson went the way of the Lady Vikings by a score of 651-548. They were led by Crystal Demijohn (11) 142, Courtney Sayer (12) 139, Becca Curtis (12) 135, Hallie Clark (12) 118 and Abby Bremer (9) 117. The Lady Vikings won the second Peterson by a score of 725-491 led by Becca Curtis (12) 256, Abby Bremer (9) 135, Courtney Sayer (12) 133, Crystal Demijohn (11) 115 and Alyssa Hafner (12) 86.


The Lady Vikings won their second match by a score of 28-2 against Chesaning. The Lady Vikings won both Baker games by a score of 136-83 and 180-83. They Lady Vikings won both Peterson games as well by a score of 741-672 and 719-519. In the first Peterson they were led by Abby Bremer (9) 181, Crystal Demijohn (11) 177, Becca Curtis (12) 153, Hallie Clark (12) 139 and Courtney Sayer (12) 91. In the second Peterson the Lady Vikings were led by Hallie Clark (12) 159, Abby Bremer (9) 156, Crystal Demijohn (11) 143, Becca Curtis (12) 137 and Alyssa Hafner (12) 124.


This Saturday is the TVC Tournament at Candlelite hosted by St. Charles. The boys bowl at 8:30 and the girls bowl at 1pm.

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