Bowling Results 1-29-2017

6151d7a125b83e0b-Bowling-300x225 Bowling Results 1-29-2017


Week five of the bowling season is in the books and the boys number 4 in the state in D3 and the girls number 2 in the state in D3 kept on rolling with a pair of victory’s to move to 9-0 and 10-0 respectfully.


The boys first match was against Freeland and they came away with an easy win 26 1/2 – 3 1/2. The Vikings won both bakers 149-135 and 167-165. In the first Peterson  the Vikings came away with a 881-718 victory lead by Noah Conley (11) 231, Mason Eddy (10) 219, Kasey Kretz (11) 159, Logan Lemmer (11) 142, and Zach Crawford (10) 130. In the second Peterson game the Vikings rolled to the win with a 729-610 victory lead by Mason Eddy (10) 191, Logan Lemmer (11) 156, Noah Conley (11) 142, Zach Crawford (10) 131 and Kasey Kretz (11) 109.


In the second match the boys were going up against a very hot team from Standish who was looking for some revenge after losing the first match to us this year. Standish came out strong and gave us all we could handle by taking both baker games 160-114 and 187-153. That put the Vikings down 10-0 going into the Peterson games. In the first Peterson game the Vikings started to turn things around by winning it 886-881. Leading the way was Logan lemmer (11) 237, Mason Eddy (10) 199, Noah Conley (11) 175, Zach Crawford (10) 152 and Kasey Kretz (11) 123.  With all the momentum on the Vikings side they took the second Peterson game 860-714 and won the match 18-12 to remain unbeaten and 2 games up for first place with 3 games to go. Logan Lemmer (11) 191 lead the way in the second game, Noah Conley (11) 182, Mason Eddy (10) 180, Zach Crawford (10) 157 and Kasey Kretz (11) 150.


The Lady Vikings went up against Chesaning in their first match of the day and came away with a 29-1 victory. The Lady Vikings won both baker games 134-88 and 145-110. In the first Peterson game the Lady Vikings won 660-385 lead by Becca Curtis (12) 175, Zoe Mitchell (10) 157, Abby Bremer (9) 142, Crystal Demijohn (11) 113 and Elizabeth Jacob (10) 70. In the second Peterson game the Lady Vikings won 832-408 led by Becca Curtis (12) 212, Hallie Clark (12) 188, Zoe Mitchell (10) 152, Abby Bremer (9) 148 and Crystal Demijohn (11) 132.


In the Lady Vikings second match against Bullock Creek the Lady Vikings came away with a 21-9 victory. The teams split the baker games with the Vikings winning the first one 146-140 and losing the second one 160-132. The Lady Vikings bounced back in the first Peterson game winning 867-690 led by Becca Curtis (12) 213, Abby Bremer (9) 191, Zoe Mitchell (10) 172, Crystal Demijohn (11) 164 and Hallie Clark (12) 127. The Lady Vikings took the second Peterson game by a score of 859-687 led by Hallie Clark (12) 211, Becca Curtis (12) 204, Zoe Mitchell (10) 170, Crystal Demijohn (11) 146 and Abby Bremer (9) 128.


Our match this Saturday is at Leferves at 11 am with the boys, the #4 team in the state in D3 taking on Pinconning and Bullock Creek and the the girls, the #2 team in the state in D3 taking on Carrollton and Freeland. Come out and cheer on two of the best teams in high school bowling in the state.


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