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Another season of High School Bowling is upon us. The Boys’ first match of the season was against the two time defending Tri Valley Central champions St Charles Bulldogs. I have high expectation’s for this year’s team and no better way to find out what you have than to start with our biggest test. Swan Valley did not disappoint by taking the fight right to St Charles in the first baker game with a 258 to 195 victory. In the second baker game was a little closer which St Charles pulled out a 183 to 177 victory. Swan Valley had the lead 6-4 going into the Peterson games. In the first Peterson game Swan Valley came out on top with a 930-929 victory. Noah Conley (10) lead the way with a 246 Mason Eddy (9) shot a 206 and Jay Schimmoller (12) had a 172. The second Peterson games was back and forth the entire match. St Charles ended up pulling out a 962-925 victory. Once again the under classmen of Swan Valley lead the way with Mason Eddy(9) shooting a 244 Noah Conley (10) 210 and Jay Schimmoller (12) shooting a 168. Swan Valley won the tightly contested match against the defending champions 16-14.


In the second match of the day against Hemlock Swan Valley breezed to an easy victory 26-4. Swan Valley won both baker games. 158-135 and 193-184. They also won both Peterson games 771-706 and 846-787. In the first Peterson game Mason Eddy (9) lead the way with a 184, Jarrett Thomas (12) 180 and in the second Peterson game Mason Eddy (9) once again lead the way with a 248, Logan Lemmer (10) 195.


Swan Valley has a very nice start to the young season at 2-0. We have our holiday break now and our next match is our home match on Jan 9th at Crooked Creek at 9 am. Let’s have everyone come out and cheer on the bowling teams.


The Girls also had their first two matches of the day and they would not be out done by the boys. They spilt the baker games with St Charles winning the first one 150-111 and losing the second one 137-115. They also split the Peterson games. They won the first one 701-604 with Hallie Clark (11) leading the way with a 161 Gabby Gonzalez (10) 146 Nikki Crump (11) and Zoe Mitchell (9) both having a 138. They lost the second Peterson game 772-724. Hallie Clark (11) had a team high game of 167 Gabby Gonzalez (10) 156 Nikki Crump (11) 147 and Zoe Mitchell (9) 143. Swan Valley won the match 18-12.


In the second match just like the Boys the Girls breezed to an easy victory 30-0 over Hemlock. Hemlock was short handed. Swan Valley won both baker games 121-30 and 104-36. They also won both Peterson games 649-191 and 722-235. In the first game Hallie Clark (11) lead the way with a 175 Zoe Mitchell (9) 148 Gabby Gonzalez (10) 137 and Nikki Crump (11) 134. In the second game Nikki Crump (11) lead the way with a 182 Hallie Clark (11) 166 and Zoe Mitchell (9) 148.


The Swan Valley Girls have an excellent start to their season at 2-0. I am also looking for good things from this year’s Girls team.  The Girls are also in action on Jan 9th at Crooked Creek at 9 am. Both teams have a bye in their first match and bowl against Valley Lutheran in the second match of the day.

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