Boys and Girls Bowling

images Boys and Girls Bowling

Both the Boys and Girls team bowled this past Friday in the TVC Tournament in Alma. I don’t have the final results from the Girls team but they did very good. We are now turning our attention to getting ready for Regional’s this Friday and Saturday at Candlelite in Bridgeport.


The Boys had a very strong showing this past Friday in the TVC Tournament with a final score of 2861 good for 6th place out of 19 Boys teams. In the first Peterson game the Boys shot 966. Randy Jacob (12) had a team high game of 223 Josh Goushaw (11) 206 Mike Wagner (12) 203 Chase Slasinski (11) 183. Logan Lemmer (9) shot a 200 in the singles portion of the event. The second Peterson game was even better than the first one with a 997. Once again Randy Jacob (12) had a team high game of 266 Mike Wagner (12) 214 and Josh Goushaw (11) 205 Chase Slasinski (11) 181. In the third Peterson game Swan Valley shot 898 Josh Goushaw (11) had a team high game of 200 Logan Lemmer (9) 190 Chase Slasinski (11) 187.


We had some Bowlers from the Boys and Girls teams make the Tri Valley All Conference teams. For the Girls it was Hallie Clark 2nd team and Gabi Gonzalez Honorable Mention. For the boys it was Randy Jacob 1st team, Mike Wagner 2nd team and Josh Goushaw Honorable Mention.


Good luck Boys and Girls in the Regional’s.

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