School-Board-Members-2017-resized-300x169 Board of Education







Board member from left to right (Back row), Mark Landra– President, Peggy DarlingVice-President
Robert Aldrich- Trustee. (Front row) left to right, , Kristy Young- Secretary, Christy BoehlerTreasurer
Amy Dwyer-TrusteeElizabeth Peters- Trustee

Our mission is to set, review, and enforce policies to fulfill our customer needs, support the needs of our staff, and meet or exceed state and federal mandates with a focus on continuous improvement (in our system of leadership).

Scheduled Meetings for 2017-2018

The following dates are designated for the regular Board of Education meetings for the calendar year 2016. The starting times and locations are indicated below.

Thurs.January 5, 2017Administration Center Organizational Meeting6:30 PM
Thurs.January 19, 2017Havens Elementary6:30 PM
Thurs.February 16, 2017Swan Valley Middle School6:30 PM
Wed.March 16, 2017Shields Elementary6:30 PM
Thurs.April 20, 2017Swan Valley High School6:30 PM
Thurs.May 18, 2017Administration Center7:00 PM
Thurs.June 15, 2017Administration Center7:00 PM
Thurs.July 20, 2017Administration Center7:00 PM
Thurs.August 17, 2017Administration Center7:00 PM
Thurs.September 21, 2017Administration Center7:00 PM
Thurs.October 19, 2017Administration Center7:00 PM
Thurs.November 16, 2017Administration Center7:00 PM
Thurs.December 20, 2017Administration Center7:00 PM
Thurs.January 18, 2018Havens Elementary6:30 PM






Board of Educations Members

Robert Aldrich- Trustee

Kristy Young- Secretary

Mark Landra – President 

Christy Boehler- Treasurer

Amy Dwyer-  Trustee

Peggy Darling – Vice-President 

Elizabeth Peters- Trustee

Mat McRae – Superintendent