Bowling TVC Results

Bowling Results

The boys and girls had their final TVC match of the season this past Saturday and both teams did very well. In the team event the boys finished second and the girls finished 8th. They also ran a singles tournament with the team event. In the singles portion Mason Eddy (10) finished 2nd with a 675, Logan Lemmer (11) finished 3rd with a 669, Noah Conley (11) finished 46th with a 489, Zach Crawford (10) finished 65th with a 461 and Kasey Kretz (11) finished 111th with a 386. In the singles portion for the girls Becca Curtis (12) finished tied for 6th with a 523, Abby Bremer (9) finished 12th with a 498, Courtney Sayer (12) finished 52nd with a 408, Hallie Clark (12) finished 57th with a 400, Crystal Demijohn (11) finished 70th with a 379 and Elizabeth Jacob (10) finished 114th with a 276.

This Friday at 11am is team event for regionals at Candlelite in Bridgeport and Saturday boys bowl at 9am for singles and the girls bowl at 12:30pm. Come out and cheer on the teams and the individuals as they try to qualify for the state finals.

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