Find below a place online where you can go to find needs of teachers at the High School and donate.


Parents and community members, we provide this list because several have asked “what do you need, we would like to help.”  In advance, we appreciate all of the support you provide to our school and our students.

Office Mrs. Pieske#2 Pencils

Ms. Burcroff

Black composition books

Photo paper

Young adult literature for composition class (library can help with this)

Mrs. Coffel

Expo markers – broad

Glad oil plug ins

Hand sanitizer


Mrs. Erlenbeck

hand sanitizer


graph paper

white board markers

unscented hand lotion


Mrs. Feldotte

Dry erase markers


Clorox wipes

Plug in air fresheners

Hand lotions

Hand sanitizers

Mr. Gavenda

Set of white boards

Dry erase markers

A set of classroom calculators

Mrs. Halvin

4 or 5 scientific calculators for students to use in the classroom


Glue sticks

Index cards

Pocket folders


Color pencils

Removable disks/flash drives to check out to students

Mrs. Mazany

hand sanitizer


transparency film

hand lotion


Mr. Monahan

Printer for student computer

Mr. Murphy

printer ink cartridge – TN-550; for Brother DCP 8060 printer


Mrs. Palmer

Photo paper

Hand sanitizer

Clorox bleach for computer keys

Removable disks/zip drives


Mrs. Pieske – for all teachers

Index cards

Glue sticks

Mrs. Ray

Graph paper

Index cards 3*5