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The primary objective of Swan Valley High School Library Media Center is to implement, enrich and support the educational program of the school. This mission includes the development of reading skills, literacy taste, discrimination in choice of materials, and instruction in the use of all resources and technology.  In addition, Swan Valley High School Library Media Center programs contribute to the development of the social and intellectual values of the student.





The SVHS Library Media Center is staffed by high school students under the direction of full time Library Media Specialist Mrs. Kay Wejrowski.

Mrs. Wejrowski has a Bachelor of Science in Education degree and a Master of Arts degree in Library Media.  She supervises the Media Studies students in the library, the VTEAM technology crew, and the Cadet Teachers placed in the elementary and middle schools in Swan Valley School District. She can be contacted at kwejrow@swanvalley.k12.mi.us


Our library program thrives because of the support of our students, staff, parents and community. With the leadership provided by MAME (Michigan Association for Media in Education), the American Library Association and American Association of School Librarians, and support from the Library of Michigan and Michigan eLibrary, the Michigan Humanities Council, National Endowment for the Arts, the Saginaw Arts & Enrichment Commission, the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs, United Way (Volunteer START), the Saginaw Community Foundation, Nexteer, Meijer, HSC, and many other local businesses, individuals, and community groups, we are able to meet the needs of our patrons.  We are continually grateful to all of these individuals and groups for their continued support and guidance.


























Our library is fortunate to have received the following awards:

  • 2015 Magna National Grand Prize Award – Read for Peace – Work for Justice
  • 2015 SET SEG MASB Excellence in Education Award – Reading Beyond the Page
  • 2015 SET SEG MASB Innovator of the Year Award – Reading Beyond the Page
  • 2014-2015 MASA Winner’s Circle Award – Read for Peace – Work for Justice
  • 2015 S4SD 1st Place Award – Safe Driving Campaign
  • 2014 – Michigan Department of Education SL21 Exemplary Status
  • 2014 – MASB Honorable Mention
  • 2014 S4SD 2nd Place Award – Safe Driving Campaign
  • 2013 – AASL National Library Program of the Year Award
  • 2013 – MAME Promotion of Libraries Award
  • 2013 – SET SEG Excellence in Education Award – in Partnership with Freshmen Transition Program
  • 2012- MAME School Library Program of the Year Award
  • 2011 – Follett National Literacy Challenge Award Winner
  • 2010 – Library of Michigan Citation of Excellence


SVHS library has been featured in local newspaper and television stories, as well as in the following state and national magazines and programs

  • American Association of School Boards Magazine – Magna Award
  • American Association of School Boards Annual Conference – Magna Award Video
  • 2015 MASB ED EX Award Video
  • 2014 – American Library Association – AASL Webinar – Senior Capstone
  • 2014 – American Library Association – AASL – National School Library Award Video
  • 2014 – American Libraries Magazine “Do Kids Even Use the Library Anymore?”
  • 2014 – Follett Community
  • 2013 – Library Media Connection “Teen Promotions”
  • 2013 – ALA/AASL Knowledge Quest “Developing a Culture of Readers”
  • 2013 – Bright Side Television Showcase Feature – Today’s Libraries
  • 2013 – American Library Association Leadership Video
  • 2013 – AASL Whole Child Blog “It’s All About the Leadership”
  • 2013 – Library Media Connection “My Life – My Story”
  • 2013 – Library Media Connection “Master the Art of Reading”
  • 2012 – Teacher Librarian
  • 2011 – Follett Challenge Video

Librarian Kay Wejrowski was named 2014 Saginaw County Teacher of the Year and was one of three finalists for the 2014 Michigan Teacher of the Year program.

She has presented at many local, regional and state meetings and conferences, including:

  • MAME Conference
  • Massachusetts School Library Association Conference
  • Michigan School Improvement Conference
  • NCA Conference
  • Saginaw ISD Best Practices Conference
  • Saginaw Valley Rotary

In addition, Wejrowski serves as the East Central Chair for the Michigan Humanities Council Great Michigan Read, is the current Author Liaison for MAME, serves as the MAME Summer Institute Chairperson, and is a member of the SAGINET Advisory Committee.

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