REGISTRATION FEE – Swan Valley Middle and High Schools

The Swan Valley School District has implemented a Sports Registration fee for the past six years.

High School Sports: $100.00 Middle School Sports: $50.00 ~ FAMILY CAP OF $250 ~


  • All fees must be paid before the athlete will be allowed to participate in any contests. Please make all checks payable to Swan Valley Schools and submit to the Athletic Office in the High School for 9th -12th grades or the Main Office in the Middle School for 7th & 8th grades.
  • If an Athlete qualifies for free or reduced lunch all fees will be reduced by 50%.
  • Coaches will give each Athlete a Registration Form after try-outs and final rosters are submitted to the Athletic Office. Records of payments will be kept in the High School Athletic Office and the Middle School Main Office.
  • The fees are required for Board of Education sponsored sports only. Club sports are excluded as follows: High School: Hockey, Boys/Girls Bowling, Sideline Cheer, Freshmen Baseball and Equestrian. Middle School: Cross-Country, Wrestling


    Athletic Office
    High School 989-921-2471 E-mail Question to:

    ====================================================================== Swan Valley School District – Sports Registration Fee 2016-17

    Name of Athlete ______________________________________________________ Please Print

    Sport ____________________________

    High School Athlete ______ Middle School Athlete _______ Reduced Lunch ______

    Home Address ____________________________Phone______________________

    E-mail Address _______________________________________________________

Will be used to contact parents