About Me

Mrs. Quellet

I am embarking on my 13th year of teaching! I went to Swan Valley Schools K-12, worked at Swan Valley Child Care while I attended Saginaw Valley State University, completed my student teaching at Havens Elementary, and have been teaching at Swan Valley ever since. I taught at Havens Elementary for 4 years and am now in my 9th year at the Middle School. I earned my Master’s Degree in Principalship 9 years ago and have continued professional development in mathematics for the past 6 years. I look forward to taking what I learned over the summer and putting it to use in my classroom this year!

This year I am teaching 6th grade math, 6th grade accelerated math, and 6th grade math enrichment.
Please contact me at hquelle@swanvalley.k12.mi.us or 989-921-2673.

 Parent Guide


  • Communicate with me/Check your email.
  • Help ensure your child is completing their homework daily.  You can see their assignment on schoology.
  • Help your child make sure they made up work from when they were absent.  Schoology and skyward will be your guide.


  • Log on to schoology
    • copy down power standards
    • find missed homework-An excused absence allows the student one day of make-up for each day absent.
  • Contact Mrs. Quellet to find out if it is necessary for them to attend the after-school program to get caught up, especially if they missed a quiz/test


  • I teach when there are no distractions or other problems.
  • I listen to students who raise their hand.
  • I listen to one person at a time.
  • Please treat me with the same respect I treat you.
  • If someone causes a problem, I will do something.
  • What I do will depend on what happened and what the person is willing to do to solve the problem.

When students make a poor choice after a reminder has been given, they will need to…

  • take a one-minute time out in the hallway.
  • have an individualized consequence that meets their needs.
  • contact you themselves.
  • make a plan with you on how they will change their behavior.
  • serve a detention.



  • Phone: (989) 921-2673
  • In-Person: By appointment only

SChoology Parent Access Codes

In our class we use Schoology to keep track of homework, submit assignments, conduct online discussions, and to communicate with one another. We would really like it if the parents joined Schoology as well.

With a parent account you can view your child’s homework including overdue assignments, see the homework they submit, and track your child’s progress towards mastering learning standards.

To create your own Schoology parent account, go to www.Schoology.com and follow these directions:

Step One: On the www.Schoology.com page, click on Sign Up then click on Parent.

Step Two: Enter this Parent Access Code for your child: You will need to get this from me. 

Step Three: Enter your email address and create a password.

That’s it – you’re now signed up for Schoology. You can add additional children once you are logged into Schoology. Each child has their own code, but you can access them all through one parent account.