Mrs. Medema  7th Grade Special Education 8th Grade General Education Reading

Mrs. Medema
7th Grade Special Education
8th Grade General Education Reading


My name is Jamie Medema and I teach 7th Grade Special Education Math, Reading, and Math along with 8th Grade General Education Reading. This is my ninth year of teaching.  I started teaching with three years at Shields Elementary and then moved to the middle school.  I attended Central Michigan University where I received my Bachelors Degree in Special Education with an emphasis on Emotional Impairments and a minor in Reading in December 2004.  I am certified to teach in all areas of special education from Kindergarten through eighth grade.  I attended Saginaw Valley State Univeresity where I received a Masters in the Art of Teaching Special Education.
I attended Bridgeport-Spaulding Schools since Kindergarten and graduated in 1999.
I live with my husband, Chris, and our two boys, Gavin and Hayden.  Gavin is 5 and loves to play with army guys, toy cars, and pretends zombie killing.  Hayden is 1 1/2 and loves to copy whatever his big brother does! He loves trains too.  We are currently building a house in Thomas Township.  We can’t wait for it to be done!
At Swan Valley Middle School I am the coordinator for our VIKES group.  I also enjoy volunteering my time on district and building committees.
1st Hour – 7th Grade Math
2nd Hour – 8th Grade Co-Tauht Reading
3rd Hour – PREP
4th Hour – 8th Grade Reading
5th Hour – 7th Grade Reading
6th Hour – Advisory
7th Hour – 8th Grade Reading
8th Hour – 7th Grade English
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