karla      kparker@svsd.us      phone # 921-2667

Currently teaching 8th grade English Language Arts

I am starting my fourth year here at Swan Valley Middle School.  I have been in the education field  for 20 years.  I started teaching in the City of Saginaw, moved to Meridian Public Schools, then I spent most of my time prior to Swan Valley in Chesaning Union Schools.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education focusing on K-5 Regular Education and 6-8 English and Math Education. I have a Master’s degree in Learning and Behavioral Disorders and an Education Specialist degree in Public School Administration, focus area of Principalship. The majority of my teaching career has been focused in on middle school kids and I think that I fit in pretty well (yes, that might seem kind-of crazy).  I took 7 years off of the classroom to be a stay at home mom.  Now, I can say that I am really excited to return to education in the community that I live.

My husband, Chad, and I live in James Township.  We have two beautiful children. Victoria is 13 years old and an 8th grader at SVMS.  Ethan is 9 years old and a 4th grader at Shield’s Elementary.  We have 3 cats and a giant dog, Teddy.  And, yes, he is a gentle giant however, he is very slobbery.  I come from a large family and I grew up on a farm. Family and friends are very important to me and I know that the kids in my classroom are an extension of that.

Throughout my career, I didn’t expect to fit in as a writing teacher of 8th graders.  I Love It!!  After lots of time, I know that I am meant to be in this position.  I am very passionate about expressing oneself through words both verbally and on paper.  I am excited to share with the kids this year all of my experiences and my passion for words.  As 8th graders, they will become independent learners this year and I hope only lots of success as they enter in to their high school years.


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