March 8, 2017, 6:30 PM @ High School Library


  1. Welcome
  2. Review Purpose/Process
    1. Review of Strategic Plan Goal  and Meetings Held
    2. Discussion the issues that had been taken into consideration when looking at stratification
      1. Including but not limited to:
        1. Instructional Delivery/ Grade Level Collaboration/Professional Development
        2. More Efficient Purchasing/Use of Resources
        3. Student needs which includes ability to Better Balance Classes
        4. Transitions
        5. Character Development
  1. Review Elementary Stratification Issues to Resolve
    1. Projected Building Maps
      1. Havens
      2. Shields
  2. Staff
    1. Will be given tentative placements by June
      1. The intention is that staff will remain at their current grade levels barring retirements or shifting needing to take place based on the number of classes at a grade level changing, which would require movement to fill spots.
    2. No teacher requests accepted for 17-18
      1. Many reasons discussed including, but not limited to the following:
        1. To keep from perpetuating “Havens” students having “Havens” teachers and “Shields” students from having “Shields” teachers
        2. Promoting of balance in the classroom
          1. Academic, behavioral and other dynamics
        3. Staff provides thorough data, special considerations, and a lot of input as they know students in the classroom best
        4. Want to align students needs and balancing classrooms based on student needs, demographics, etc.
      2. This does not mean that requests may not reappear in the future if the administration decide to make that change
  3. Spring Orientation Date May 31st (a.m.)
    1. Shields 2nd-4th Students will visit Havens
    2. Havens K-1st Students will visit Shields
    3. This will happen during the school day with only students.
  1. School Start times
    1. Havens 8:25-3:20         Shields 8:35-3:30
    2. Discussion of Application for Early Start Before Labor Day
      1. If Waiver is Granted for the 2017-2018 year would start on August 28. The First week would go until Thursday with that Friday and Labor Day off.
      2. State usually takes 2 months to get back to districts. We hopefully will know by Mid-April.
      3. All holiday breaks and Spring Break will not be affected. They are calendared out 5 years in advance.
    3. Shields will be piloting a new method of dismissal in the spring (bus riders 5 min. before car riders)
  2. Resources/suggestions for parents to help their student(s) and themselves with the transition
    1. Edutopia
    2. Parent Toolkit
  3. Fall of 2017
    1. Open House Week Prior to Start
      1. Students and parents can get a better feel for their new building and meet their teachers before the first day of school.
      2. Date will be set as soon as District knows the status of the Early Start (before Labor Day) Waiver
  4. Questions for Future Consideration Email
    1. Parents asked a number of questions
      1. Transportation:
        1. Havens/Shields students will ride common buses in the morning with Havens students being dropped off first and then Shields students after
        2. At dismissal, Shields students will ride Shields only buses and Havens students will ride Havens only buses.
        3. Depending on where one lives and the bus route, the 10 minute earlier dismissal will likely allow for older siblings to get home sooner, but there are lots of variables
        4. It is crucial that busing information gets in early, so routes can be designed and then communicated to families as soon as possible before school starts.
      2. Leadership Roles (Safety Patrol and others)
        1. Stratification provides new opportunities for age levels to hold various leadership positions. Some roles like Safety Patrol may be alternated.
    2. sdurussel@swanvalley.k12.mi.us
    3. ljennings@swanvalley.k12.mi.us