Young 5's Program

Shields Elementary
6900 Stroebel Road
Saginaw, MI 48609

The Swan Valley School District began the Young Fives Program in 1982. The Young Fives Program was designed for children who are not growth-wise ready for kindergarten. The objectives of the program allow the children to learn, play, explore, and develop at their own pace, without the stress of having to compete with older, more mature children.

Facts About Young Fives

  • The Young Fives classes meet for a full day sessions five days a week.
  • The classes are held at Shields Elementary.
  • The Young Fives children are bussed to and from school each day.
  • The class size is limited to a MAXIMUM of twenty students per teacher.
  • Parents play an important role in the Young Fives classes. They are encouraged to help out in the classroom periodically.
  • The Young Fives program includes playtime, sharing time, directed activities, music, art, gym, snacktime and storytime.
  • The teachers for the Young Fives program are certified and qualified to teach young children.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Has his or her fifth birthday before December 1st..
  • May need to develop small muscle activities (cutting, coloring, and drawing)
  • Needs frequent changes of activities.
  • Needs further language development.
  • Needs to develop attention span.
  • Needs extra time to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.


Young Fives Instructional Objectives

Motor Skills

  1. Is able to walk, run, hop, jump, skip, and march.
  2. Walks on a balance beam.
  3. Is able to throw and catch balls.
  4. Pastes correctly.
  5. Is able to copy simple designs and pictures.
  6. Uses scissors correctly.
  7. Able to zip.
  8. Able to button.


Math Skills

  1. Counts orally to 30.
  2. Identifies numerals 1-10.
  3. Identifies shapes: circle, square, oval, triangle, rectangle.
  4. Counts groups of objects.

Language Skills

  1. Can name and identify colors.
  2. Classifies objects according to a group (colors, shapes, animals).
  3. Points out likeness and differences in objects and pictures.
  4. Answers simple questions related to a picture in a story.
  5. Is able to follow directions.
  6. Listens and contributes ideas in group situations.
  7. Uses whole sentences.
  8. Participates in saying rhymes, songs, poems, or finger plays.
  9. Pronounces his/her first name.
  10. Recognizes his/her name when printed.
  11. Prints his/her first name.
  12. Identifies other children by name.
  13. Is familiar with the letters of the alphabet.
  14. Handles books properly.

Listening Skills

  1. Listens well in a group situation.
  2. Waits for his or her turn to speak.


Self Image

  1. Name the parts of his or her own body.
  2. Can identify body parts in a picture.
  3. Shows self-confidence.
  4. Accepts friendships.
  5. Finishes what he/she starts.

Social Awareness

  1. Works and plays well with others.
  2. Is courteous to others.
  3. Cooperates in classroom activities.
  4. Cleans up after activities.
  5. Participates in games.
  6. Follows directions.
  7. Uses school tools safely.
  8. Takes care of equipment and materials.
  9. Respects rights and property of others.