The Swan Valley School District Strategic Plan was developed in the spring of 2010 through the joint efforts of the Swan Valley Board of Education, district administrators with input from their building staffs, the District School Improvement Team and the Curriculum Coordinating Council. Representatives from the SVEA are also invited to the planning session in April. The term “District” when applied within the written language of these goals, makes reference to the Swan Valley School District under the direction of the Swan Valley Board of Education.

Our current approach to strategic planning is now in its tenth year. Initially, during the 2000-2001 school year, the Swan Valley School District developed a new Strategic Plan using a fresh methodology system, “The Baldrige Approach for School Improvement and Performance Excellence.” Over the previous decade we had implemented many random acts for the purpose of improvement. It became evident that a management system was needed that would align our processes and resources around common goals.

When the Swan Valley Strategic Plan has been developed and approved by the Board of Education, individual schools construct building school improvement plans that align to the district aims and goals. Classroom teachers and support staff are also expected to align classroom improvement efforts with building and district goals. This approach helps us align and integrate all processes and resources to focus on achieving our district aims and goals.

There are five aims that make up the core of the Swan Valley School District Strategic Plan. These are:

  1. High Student Achievement
  2. Safe Environment
  3. High Performing Staff
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Fiscal Responsibility

Each aim is supported by more specific goals that are developed to achieve the aim. These goals are reviewed at the end of the year and sometimes are revised, replaced, or removed based on the level of goal accomplishment. Each goal is accompanied by strategies that are put in place to see that the goal is completed. These strategies are also revised each year and include the activity, timelines, persons responsible, resources needed, and evaluation criteria.

As always, many thanks go out to the many stakeholders in the Swan Valley School District whose talents, time, and effort helped to create the 2010-11 Swan Valley Strategic Plan for school improvement.

Dr. Richard Dyer

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

June, 2010